Vincent G.

December 2018

“I have been lucky enough to work with Missy from Conscious Yoga as soon as she became a certified instructor. Since then, I have learned how valuable proper posture and movement is to the body’s overall well being. Her lessons have helped me remain more mindful in my yoga practice as well throughout the day and in other workout routines such as weightlifting and cardio. Thanks to her personal one on one approach I find myself sitting straighter, engaging my core in daily activities, and more motivated to keep pushing forward. Conscious Yoga led by Missy Williamson is one of the most versatile fitness programs available and has something to offer everyone from those who do not know where to begin all the way to the most experienced personal trainers.”

Suzy S.

February 2019

“I have been doing yoga with Missy for over a year.  She is warm, empathic, intuitive and extremely knowledgeable about anatomy and movement.  Missy delivers very creative classes and supportive and nourishing adjustments as well as focused and meaningful private lessons.  She also takes feedback from her students and challenges herself to provide new offerings to meet our current needs.  Whether you’re new to yoga or have been practicing a long time, I highly recommend Missy as a teacher. “

Danielle I.

June 2018

“Missy is an energetic teacher with in-depth experience in both the physical body mechanics of yoga poses as well as the greater application of yoga to achieving the clarity that comes from mind-body connection. She is especially gifted in tailoring her classes to help her students work on issues unique to their particular practices. Missy challenges her students, but maintains a light, fun atmosphere to facilitate learning.”