1) aware of and responding to one’s surroundings; awake, 2) having knowledge of something; aware.

What is Conscious Yoga?

Conscious Yoga is a smart way to practice yoga and to become more aware of the body and the mind, creating awareness in everyday life. Conscious Yoga teaches you how to move with intention, strength, grace, and openness not just on the mat, but in your life.

The Conscious Yoga Story

A unique Vinyasa style yoga practice committed to awareness, integration, and alignment of the body and mind through conscious movement.

There’s so much yoga out there. From public classes to the internet and everywhere in between and beyond. A practice that was founded thousands of years ago, yoga has created quite a name for itself, and so many people are drawn to it. The wonderful part about this, is that people are learning this tool that can assist in self-growth. With this being an ancient proven practice, there have been very little updates to the physical practicing of the postures, but there have been many advancements in our knowledge of anatomy. Because of this, asana is typically practiced in a way that used to make sense with our given knowledge of anatomy and lifestyles at the time. Times and knowledge are evolving, and we have to evolve with them.

Conscious Yoga was created to provide access to private sessions, group classes, online classes, yoga tips, introductions to the practice, and conversations that teach basic, but important muscle engagement and proper alignment, along with functional movements that work to balance out the movement patterns of our everyday, modern lives. Our hope is that through moving more consciously in yoga, you learn to move more consciously through life, become more aware, and live better.

We believe that making this practice accessible to everyone is so important, that’s why there’s everything from free online classes to paid classes and events.

Missy Williamson

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I first started yoga for the “stretch”. I tried out a studio, and immediately fell in love with asana. I liked the poses and the atmosphere. For me, it was just fun.

Yoga saved my life when it pulled me out of complete and total despair of losing someone I loved to a drug overdose. It was the thing that got me out of my bed, to start. Then, it became the thing that taught me to tune into the breath and the body. Most importantly, it became the thing that got me out of my head and into the present moment.

I wasn’t all super into anatomy and proper alignment, but I had decided I wanted to become a yoga teacher to share this newfound love of the practice, and I wanted to do it responsibly. I knew that the physical asana practice was a major tool in getting out of despair or out of your own head, so finding a strong anatomy centered teacher training became very important to me.

I found a teacher who was the first really to talk to me about anatomy and alignment, and I was quickly sold on her teacher training. When I got there, I found out she was a physical therapist who created her own evidence-based method of vinyasa yoga. I learned a lot about practicing yoga in a functional and effective way, to create balances in the body to help us move better in daily life.

This was a whole new connection to the asana practice. I started feeling strength I hadn’t felt before. I began experiencing the physical practice, engaging muscles and moving with intention, rather than just going through the motions. I started understanding what it feels like to truly embody this practice and take the presence that comes with it to a whole new level.

I learned strength and how to truly tune in and drop into my body and breath through it.

This unique way of practicing has brought forth major transformations and shifts in my life. I definitely attribute these to my newfound alignment knowledge and love of intentional movement. Through my practice, I was cracked open. My mind was more open, along with my heart. I became interested in learning about things that I was certain I “didn’t believe in”, when really it was that I wasn’t open enough to learn about these things (which, are in fact, studied in science, which was a big, uninformed reason why I was so skeptical).

Since opening up on such a profound and deep level, I have learned so much about myself. I’ve dug up some things in my past that have had a massive effect on me today and started working through some of the challenges and difficulties that came along with that. A lot of this work has included self love, acceptance, and vulnerability, which I don’t think I would have found without going deep into the yoga practice. Along the way, I’ve learned that this work is a lifelong practice and I have just begun to scratch the surface. Life to me is one huge balancing act, with consciousness and living in the modern world on the grand scale. My mission is to do my part in evening out the balance by helping people become more awake, aware, connected, and of course, conscious.

We start with the body.

Welcome to Conscious Yoga.